The Standard Poodle Rescue works closely with shelters, other rescue
organizations, veterinarians, individuals, and breeders to care for and
place our poodles in the appropriate home.  

We match the poodle to the appropriate family on our waiting list.  This match is
based on the dog’s age, temperament and needs. We screen all applicants by
verifying their vet and groomer references and sending a rescue person in the
applicant’s hometown, out to do a physical home visit.

If you find that you must surrender your dog, please be honest about why you are
giving it up.  If the dog is aggressive, not housebroken, destructive, not good with
other dogs/children, or has some other issue(s), please tell us.  We are going to
find out.  This information can be very helpful when we attempt to place the dog.
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Standard Poodle Rescue
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