The Standard Poodle Rescue  was started in 1999 to provide a safe
haven for poodles whose owners, for a variety of reasons, must give up their dogs.  
We try to provide an alternative to dogs being dumped at the local animal shelter.  
We rehabilitate and train poodles who have developed bad habits due to their abuse
or neglect.

Our goal is to provide a new home with loving owners who appreciate the unique
characteristics of the Standard Poodle.  This is usually accomplished within a week
to 10 days due to the waiting list we maintain.  Most of our potential adopters have a
Standard Poodle, have always wanted one, or have had one in the past.  They are
well familiar with the expense and time necessary to care for these wonderfully
intelligent animals.
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A rescue with his new owners!
Standard Poodle Rescue